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We Help Organizations

Every organization needs to develop its workforce - but where should you even begin? At Dickerson Management and Career Consulting, we understand the challenges you’re facing and we’re here to help.


”I struggle to retain quality employees.”


“I don’t know how to hire the right people.”


“I want more of my employees to become leaders.”


“My employees don’t seem motivated these days, and I don’t know why!”


“I don’t know what my employees want or what’s important to them.”


Do any of these statements sound familiar? Perhaps all of them strike a chord with you. That’s okay--it's normal for an organization to struggle with these types of issues! We can help you address these concerns through the following services:


On-Site Workshops and Training

Human Resources Consulting

Employee Survey Design & Analysis

We Help Individuals

While most of our services target organizations, we also understand it takes a lot to be a competitive applicant in today’s marketplace. We offer individual coaching just for you.



"Dr. Marcia Dickerson provided excellent HRM presentations and interview coaching on very short notice. I thoroughly enjoyed brainstorming with her regarding employee-employer communications and creating a strong organizational culture during challenging situations. It is very lucky to have access to such consulting with someone of her caliber and background!"


—  Beatrix Koev, entrepreneur

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