August 12, 2020

Doing the hard work on the front end of the hiring process--updating job descriptions, writing better interview questions, training hiring managers--is all worth it when you make smart hiring decisions. Better hiring practices mean stronger job performance, less time t...

July 1, 2020

Earlier this week, I read an article in which entrepreneur Mark Cuban predicted that interviewers would some day be asking applicants, "What skills did you add during the pandemic 2020?" I think this question is likely to be embraced by hiring managers, but, unfortunat...

April 14, 2020

Earlier this year, I started putting together a Women’s Leadership Coaching program that I planned to launch this summer. Using my experiences as a mentor, teacher, and coach, I developed a set of assessments and activities and was eager to work with business owners, m...

April 8, 2020

The economic impact of COVID-19 is already starting to be seen around the world, with businesses closing and workers being laid off. If your job is at risk, or if you’ve already begun a job search, now is the time to revise your resume and make sure it looks as good as...

April 6, 2020

Flexible hours and working from home a couple of days a week used to be one of the things that I most enjoyed about my job. But, working from home under the shelter-in-place order due to the COVID-19 virus is very different. My worry about the virus and its sweeping ef...

January 7, 2020

In my prior blog post on strategic planning, I delved into why your organization should have a strategic plan. In this post, I’ll outline how to do it in five steps. When you meet to develop your plan, set aside at least three or four hours, if not a whole day. You’ll...

January 6, 2020

If you’re like me, you’ve been thinking about what 2020 will hold and wanting to make the most of the coming year. For a couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about my career, my consulting business, and the organizations for which I volunteer. More specifically, I’ve be...

August 2, 2019

On my spring vacation, I had the chance to read several books. Although my typical preferred beach read is a juicy crime fiction* novel, I strayed a bit from my usual genre and now have a recommendation for you--Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup b...

June 24, 2019

This spring, my family and I took six days of vacation during my work break, and we had an exceptionally good time. I had worked very hard leading up to the trip, handing off a few research papers to colleagues before leaving, and I knew that I would come home to multi...

May 28, 2019

In my prior post on employment policies and procedures, I wrote about how to determine which employment policies and procedures are the best fit for your organization’s structure. With a good sense of the overall approach, now it’s time to consider which policies you’l...

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August 12, 2020

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July 1, 2020

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April 14, 2020

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