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Hiring leaders
webinar recording

This webinar covers identifying leader behaviors, recruiting leaders, best interview questions, and supporting leader development.

A guide to terminating employment for poor performance

Firing someone is always a challenge, and ending employment due to poor performance can be particularly difficult for managers. This guide can help you with the process by (1) determining if termination is the best choice, (2) reviewing legal issues associated with termination, and (3) sharing best practices to managing a potential termination. And, this guide includes three real case studies!

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improving employee retention webinar

Need help with retention? Watch my webinar for strategies and steps you can take right away to keep your best employees.

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Becoming an employer of choice

Assessment and Workbook

Are you short staffed and hiring, just like everyone else? Stand out from the crowd and recruit employees more effectively by establish your company as an employer of choice, with a strong community reputation, a high quality work culture, and superior employee talent.


Download my FREE workbook with an assessment to see how you can better position your organization as an employer of choice.

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