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Doing the hard work on the front end of the hiring process--updating job descriptions, writing better interview questions, training hiring managers--is all worth it when you make smart hiring decisions. Better hiring practices mean stronger job performance, less time training, and lower turnover.

How can you improve your hiring practices? Join me for my live FREE webinar, Making Smarter Hiring Decisions, on Monday, August 24, 12 - 1 p.m. CDT.

Who should sign up?

Anyone who is involved in hiring at any stage of the process, in any sized organization, can benefit from this webinar. I've helped entrepreneurs, small business owners, and hiring managers at larger companies implement best practices for hiring.

What if I can't join live?

Joining me live is the best way to get your questions answered in real time. But, if you can't be there, register anyway, and you'll get the recording of the webinar.

What topics will you cover?

We address the three biggest elements of smarter hiring--blinded resume review, updating job descriptions, and using structured interviews. I tell you how unintended bias can creep into hiring decisions and how inexpensive, easily implemented steps can avoid it.


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