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Women's Leadership Coaching - Join the Free Webinar Series

Earlier this year, I started putting together a Women’s Leadership Coaching program that I planned to launch this summer. Using my experiences as a mentor, teacher, and coach, I developed a set of assessments and activities and was eager to work with business owners, managers, and aspiring leaders in my community.

However, as COVID-19 started to spread in the U.S. and priorities rapidly shifted, I decided to pivot. The leadership lessons I want to share are more important than ever right now, and leaders are looking for help. In light of these developments, I’m offering a free webinar series, developed around the core elements of the coaching program.

Who should sign up?

This program is ideal for women who are managers, business owners, or serve in volunteer positions in nonprofit organizations. Whether you’re in a leadership position now or plan to be in the future, this series of videos will help you explore your own strengths and tendencies as a leader to best navigate the challenges that women face today.

When is the series happening?

Each session is 45 minutes (3:00-3:45 PM CDT) and there will be one each day from April 27-30. If you can’t join at the scheduled time, you’ll receive a recording of the session to view at your convenience.

What's included in the series?

Over the course of four webinar sessions, I’ll walk you through the building blocks of the program I use to coach women leaders. You’ll complete assessments in which you can better understand your own tendencies and learn how to make realistic, meaningful changes that amplify your ability to lead.

Learn more about each of the sessions below:

  • Session #1: Monday, April 27. Today we debunk the myths that surround leadership and show you how successful leadership depends on understanding the environment you’re in and how to shape it proactively. The individualized exercise helps you diagnose the power bases that you have that can help you be a more effective leader.

  • Session #2: Tuesday, April 28. We’ll dig into the fundamental leader behaviors that fit most situations and the thoughtful choices that women can make as to when and how to best apply them. The individual assessment for this session helps you learn your default leadership style and how you can guard against deferring to it in times of stress. We’ll then explore situations where you can change your behaviors based on your followers’ needs.

  • Session #3: Wednesday, April 29. This lesson introduces you to Authentic Leadership, and we review the building blocks to embrace this style—self-awareness, relational transparency, balanced processing, and an internalized moral perspective. This session includes an assessment of your authentic leadership skills with specific tips to improve in each area.

  • Session #4:Thursday, April 30. Discover my new assessment and pinpoint where you fall on the perfectionism-chaos continuum. So many women can benefit from small tweaks to their approaches to their work and leadership, but knowing which direction to move is critical. Women on the high perfectionism end risk frustration and burnout; women on the chaos side find that their lack of consistent routines leaves them engaging in only crisis management and not getting enough done. Find out where you are on the continuum and how small, practical changes can make a big difference in your productivity and well-being.

If you’re ready to explore your own leadership potential and learn realistic, research-based tools to expand your capabilities, join me for this series. Register for a limited number of spaces at

Webinar sessions are FREE and begin at 3 p.m. CST on Monday, April 27 – Thursday, April 30. Can’t join at that time? All registrants will get a link that includes the video from each session.


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