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​​Today's work environment is more challenging than ever, and employees, managers, and business owners face obstacles that are hard to overcome without help. You know you've got skills, but sometimes it's hard to know how to focus your efforts, the best way to grow, or the path you want to take. Or, maybe it's time to brush up on your skills or get an outsider's view of your strengths and weaknesses.

Coaching can help!

​Coaching is a collaborative effort between a professional coach and the client, aimed at providing individualized strategies for success. As a certified coach, Marcia’s experience and education will help you identify your strengths and build your confidence to use them. She can also tackle the areas where you need some help and identify ways to improve them. Marcia's encouraging, optimistic, and practical approach to coaching gives you the support you need to reach your goals. 


What does coaching address?

Coaching isn't one-size-fits-all, and what we cover is up to you! Marcia can help with leadership and management skills, overcoming imposter syndrome, positioning yourself for a promotion, and improving your decision making. Coaching provides a means for skill enhancement, goal-setting, idea generation, and accountability through a one-on-one or group format.

Some examples from Marcia's recent coaching engagements are:

  • Leadership coaching for a new manager of a large firm

  • Interview preparation for an experienced employee pursuing an executive-level promotion

  • Idea exploration and discussion for a new entrepreneur

  • Cultivating confidence (and battling imposter syndrome) in a young freelancer

What packages are available?

Marcia books sessions with coaching clients based on their individualized needs, not a predetermined program. This means that sessions range from as little as 30 minutes for a focused issue, to as long as a one-year contract for long-term development. Coaching can be one-on-one, or organized for a group setting, such as for departments or a set of high-potential managers. And, Marcia's large network of professional colleagues means that if she doesn't have the expertise you need, she can connect you with someone who does.


What next?

Not sure if coaching is right for you? Start with a complimentary 30-minute chemistry call with Marcia to see if she is the right fit for your needs. And if you’re an organization looking to increase the talent pipeline of qualified leaders, contact us about our group talent development programs.

Want to learn more? Get in touch by contacting Marcia!

Marcia Dickerson, Ph.D. is a certified Executive Coach* with expertise in leadership, management, and personality assessment.

*Certified by IAP Career College, Better Business Bureau Accredited.

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