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human resources consulting


We offer HR consulting for organizations of any size. Whether you're interested in stand-alone project, advice and assistance to support a new initiative, a complete HR audit, or ongoing HR support, we can work with you.

Fractional HR/HR on Retainer

Small and mid-sized organizations often don't need full-time HR, or they may only need help to set up a few systems. Fractional HR gives you access to expertise that eases the pressure of personnel issues. You're busy running your business, and fractional HR gives you support when you need it without the overhead of ongoing staff. We offer support for things like updating job descriptions, writing your employee policies and procedures manual, developing a performance appraisal system, and handling employee performance and discipline issues.

Our many years of experience with a wide variety of clients, coupled with third-party objectivity, allow us to address all of your HR needs. We have fractional and retainer packages of all sizes that can include all of the services below. Want to learn more? Email us here.

HR Audit

Successful HR increasingly influences your organization's profitability. An HR audit is a comprehensive review of policies, procedures, and practices related to your personnel management. The HR audit detects areas of inconsistency or gaps in these practices, finds the root causes of organizational performance problems, improves efficiency through updated systems and workflows, and increases consistency and accountability for your managers. We use a systematic process to work with your HR personnel, executives, and managers to address each area of HR to maximize organizational performance. Learn more here.

Employee Policy & Procedure Manuals

Your employee policy and procedure manual can be an asset to managers to need to make quick, fair decisions about everyday personnel issues. But if your manual isn't up-to-date with the latest legal issues, or you don't have one at all, your managers aren't getting the support they need. Rather than making the organization inflexible and rule-bound, policies and procedures provide security, satisfaction, and confidence to your employees and managers. From dress codes to sick day policies, we can revise your handbook to meet your needs. Visit this page or get in touch to learn more about our options.

Creating & Implementing Performance Appraisals 


Do your employees know what you think of their work? Are there things that they could be doing better, but you’re just not sure how to tell them? Are your best employees getting feedback from you about how much you value them? If you’re not doing performance appraisals, then the answer probably “No!” Recent polling shows that only 1 in 4 employees feel like performance appraisal is valuable to them. Performance appraisal doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, and it doesn't have to be the traditional once per year written evaluation. Let our experts design a system that works for your organization and helps you retain your best employees, improves their quality of work, and protects your company from legal claims. 

Clear & Updated Job Descriptions

If you had to replace an employee on short notice, could you tell job applicants what is actually involved in the job? Would you be able to give a new hire an updated list of her tasks, duties, and responsibilities? To protect the continuity and quality of your work, you need formal job descriptions in your organization. We create and update these job descriptions to help formalize roles in the organization and help you get clear on who does what. Balancing tasks among different jobs can help employees be more efficient and effective, and formal job descriptions help organizations plan and organize better.


Effective Recruiting & Hiring Plans

Do you struggle to find employees who can do the work and fit your company culture? Do you think you’ve found the right person, just to learn later they’re not working out or see them quit a few months later? HR consulting on your recruitment on interview practices can be a quick and targeted approach to ramping up your hiring effectiveness. Or, get in touch to learn more about our hiring manager training, which helps them learn bias free hiring best practices.

If you’re ready to discuss how HR consulting can benefit your organization, contact us today!

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